Adare, Co. Limerick, Ireland
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Geraldine and JohnPaul from Derry had a wish to get married somewhere that was a little different and Fanningstown Castle in Limerick ticked every box.

‘We have always loved travelling the length and breath of Ireland, and are both so proud to be from Ireland to have all this beauty at our doorstep, we just love all Ireland has to offer. Limerick was one of the first cities we ever visited as a couple and we just fell in love with the county, it is just steeped in history and natural beauty. Adare is one of the prettiest villages in lreland.

When we started planning our wedding we knew we wanted a very intimate ceremony, we wanted something different from weddings that we have been to in the past. We both come from large families and as much as we would have loved to have them with us it was important to us that we had a small, intimate wedding to suit our family needs.

Our son Calum was born with congenital heart disease and has limited mobility and energy levels. It was important that our day was planned around him and his limitations.

We needed somewhere that was going to be able to accommodate our family, and my family’s needs to ensure that we set the pace for the day and not be on someone else’s timescale.

It was so important to us that we planned a day that was relaxed and flexible. As well as a place that our son could feel relaxed in, we wanted him to be completely involved throughout the day.

Both our parents have shown us great support throughout the years, we wanted them to play a part in our special day. It was important that we could find a place that could cater to all our needs but more importantly we wanted it to be private and exclusive to us.

Which leads me on to how I came about finding Fanningstown Castle. I went on the search for destination weddings and elopement weddings in Ireland. It didn’t take too long until I came across Fanningstown Castle and the moment I saw it I fell completely in love with the place. I was able to envisage our wedding there instantly from their photos online.

From the first conversation I had with Mary I just knew we would get on so well. Mary helped me with every aspect of planning my wedding. We had a brief conversation about what I had envisaged and Mary recommended every single service you can think of to plan the perfect wedding – ceremony details [that took place in HolyTrinity Abbey Church], catering, florist, photographer, cars, hair and makeup and much more

When I say nothing was a problem this would be an understatement. Mary and her family were outstanding, they went above and beyond to ensure that we had absolutely everything we needed for the day and throughout our stay.

Our wedding took place when the whole of Ireland was in lockdown, the most uncertain time that we have ever experienced as a nation, so you can imagine as a bride I was so nervous that I would not have the wedding we had longed for. This could not have been further from what we experienced.

Mary and Dave thought of absolutely everything and therefore the fact that we didn’t get out to any of the pubs or restaurants around Adare didn’t even matter. We had the most amazing time at Fanningstown Castle and thoroughly enjoyed the complete beauty and ambiance Fanningstown has to offer.

We are still reeling from the whole experience. We made memories as a family that will last a lifetime. To just sit by the fire with the most important people in our world, and to talk, laugh, sing and dance without a care in the world, I am sure you can get a sense of the time we had.

We ate amazing food, took the time to just slow down and let the world pass us by in our own bubble that we created. Fanningstown will alway have a special place in our hearts, not just because we got married there but for the special time that it gave us as a family and also that little bit of hope we experienced when things were so uncertain within the whole pandemic.

We would highly recommend Fanningstown Castle to anyone that is planning on getting married. This venue gives you the opportunity to strip it all back, and a chance to focus on the main thing that is a wedding, the couple and the joining of two families.

This is a very special and magical experience there is no doubt about. What better way to start your new life as a married couple than to create your very own fairytale.